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Ligas Family Advocates Program

Ligas Family Advocates Program
This program focuses on the class members within the areas served by three Independent Service Coordination agencies. Two of these agencies serve the greater Chicago area and the third serves the St. Louis metropolitan area. This targeted area will still provide broad experience for the program and the opportunity to develop and employ necessary materials and protocols. We look forward to expanding this program statewide as soon as possible.
The Ligas Family Advocate Program has one purpose – to connect recipients of Ligas award letters seeking Home Based or CILA services and their families with family advocates who are knowledgeable about creative ways to utilize their Ligas funding to build successful lives in the community. Ligas family advocates will work to provide information to award letter recipients and their families about options. A primary goal of the program is to connect families with other families so they can share their unique perspective as stakeholders in the system. It is equally important to provide consistent information across the state early enough in the planning stage that award letter recipients and their families have a chance to consider choices that may be outside what is already familiar to them. Project staff members are agents of the state, allowing direct communication with class members and their representatives

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